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Membership Categories:



Michelin employees that have opted into the membership and pay low fees through payroll deduction.

To become a Regular Member, employees must submit an authorization form to the Benefits Coordinator. Forms can be found at the benefits kiosk and on the WAVE.


Spouse memberships that are attached to a Regular Membership. The Associate Membership goes to the spouse listed on the employee's benefits. A significant other that is not on the employee's benefits does not count as an Associate Member and will not be awarded membership. Child dependents of Regular Members are also considered Associate Members and are permitted to use the facility until they are no longer eligible to be listed on the Regular Member's benefits.


Retired Michelin employees are granted a Lifetime Membership. These memberships are awarded automatically and do not need to be applied for.


Members of the community may apply to purchase a membership for an annual fee. Affiliate memberships must be approved by the Board of Directors and usually have a Michelin or member connection, or connection to the community (ex. employee of neighbouring business).

To apply for an Affiliate Membership, applications can be picked up at the bar and submitted to the bartender. 

Guest Day-Pass

Guest passes are $5 and may be purchased at the bar for individuals to access the Fitness Center. Guest passes must accompany a member and are at the discretion of the bartender - if a guest is found to be abusing the Guest Pass system they will be asked to purchase a membership or may be denied a pass.

Memberships Include:


24/7 Access to the Fitness Center via rear entrance with the purchase of $10 fob (purchase at the bar).

Membership pricing on Assembly Hall rental

Access to the bar/lounge which is a members only private bar

Ability to sign in up to 7 guests to the bar/lounge

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