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  • 24/7 secure access to the Fitness Centre

  • No lengthy gym contracts

  • Highly competitive membership fees and discounts!

  • Access to the Club's hall rental, social events, bar (max +7 guests)

New gym access requirements - starting December 1, 2023

The Michelin Sports and Social Club (MSSC) provides a social and recreational centre for all our members and the community in Waterville. You will now need a secure Club Member App to access the facility.

Select your membership level below to get started with your application!


Michelin, Waterville Employees


Community Members - Affiliates


Retirees of Michelin, Waterville


1. Michelin, Waterville Employees 

Michelin Employees have access to the Fitness Centre. Please confirm your employee # and your status as a MSSC Club Member and we will create you a member profile in the MSSC Membership App so you can access the Fitness Centre 24/7. For new hire employees, please click the new employee form to authorize your payroll deductions.





2. Community Members & Affiliates 

This membership is for those who live or work in the community who have an affiliate relationship with Michelin, Waterville. For example; a neighbouring business, Michelin contractor, relative works at Michelin, etc. Your membership is subject to approval by the MSSC Board of Directors. Please name your affiliate in your application.


  • Monthly fee $30 +HST, auto-charged until cancelled

  • 6 Months Pre-paid $162 + HST - SAVE 10%

  • Yearly (12 month) fee $288 +HST, until cancelled - SAVE 20%


3. Retiree of Michelin, Waterville

Congratulations on your retirement! All Michelin employees are granted a complimentary Lifetime Club Membership. You do not have voting rights on the Board of Directors, but are permitted to attend meetings. This membership allows for full access to the club.


Get the MSSC Membership Fitness Centre Club Access App

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